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Lake Powell Wahweap Marina Boat Rentals | Jet Ski Rentals

One of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring places on earth to visit in the world. See dazzling red rock canyon walls as they spire hundreds of feet above the beautiful blue-green water. During the summer, wakeboard or waterski on perfect glass water so warm it seems like bathing in a tub. There's no need to head to the West Coast on vacation when you have Lake Powell in Utah and Arizona so close in reach.

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Lake Powell

Lake Powell began to fill in 1963 after the completion of the Glen Canyon Dam. Now the lake has over 2,000 miles of sandy beach shorlines, over 260 square miles of water real estate, multiple winding canyons and more than 180 miles of water stretching from the Page Arizona to San Juan, Utah. It has become the second largest man-made lake in the United States and a popular destination for houseboating.

Most vacationers will visit Lake Powell between early May and September, although warm water and air temperatures often allow trips as late as October. In the Spring (March - May) wind is generally common and the water still hasn't warmed up enough to waterski without wetsuits.

Planning an incredible and unforgettable vacation to Lake Powell is guaranteed, your family will love it. Most vacationers choose Lake Powell boat rentals, jet skis and house boats to culminate the perfect trip.

Wahweap Marina Boat Rentals
Wahweap Marina resides near Page, Arizona and is located approximately 5 hours away from Utah County by vehicle. This is the largest of all marinas on Lake Powell and the city of Page offers many amenities: drinking water, restrooms, a ranger station, campground, trailers, fish-cleaning stations, a gift shop, stores, hotels, museums, restaurants and 6-lane boat launching ramps.
lt;br /><;a class="mceItemAnchor" name="bullfrog">Bullfrog Marina Boat Rentals
The Bullfrog Marina is located near Ticaboo, Utah and offers guests a lodge, drinking water, restrooms, trailers, campground, fish-cleaning stations, a gift shop, a grocery store, restaurants and 6-lane boat launching ramps

Wakeboard Boat Rentals Wahweap Marina:
Lake Powell is one of the best places for Wakeboard Boat Rentals in Lake Powell.  Toyitup offers the best variety of wakeboard boats in the Lake Powell area.  From the Mastercraft Boat Rentals to the Centurion Wakeboard Boat Rentals, Toyitup has the boat to fullfill each persons perfect summer boating experience.

Wake Surfing Boat Rentals at Wahweap Marina Lake Powell:
One of the newest watersports activities in Lake Powell is Wake Surfing.  Wake Surfing is when a surfer trails behind a ski boat rental, or wakeboard boat rental, surfing the boats wake.  Wake surfing should only be done behind an inboard ski boat.  The wake behind the wakeboard boat mimics the look and feel of an ocean wave.  The driver of the wakeboard boat rental  can change and manipulate the size and shape of the wake using ballast systems in the boat, speed, and wake shaping tools on the back of the rental boat.  If you can see the impeller on a boat you should not Wake Surf behind it. 

Waterskiing, Wakeboarding & Wake Surfing:
To get the best glassy water, we recommend waterskiing either early in the morning (starting  between 6:00 - 7:00 am) or late in the evening (after 6:00 pm). Find a Lake Powell boat rental.

Personal Watercraft (Jet Skis):
Jet skis are permitted. Find Lake Powell jet ski rentals.

Driving Directions from Lindon, UT to Wahweap Marina in Page, AZ

Driving Directions from Lindon, UT to Ticaboo, UT (Bullfrog Marina)

Lake Powell Map

Lake Powell Average Air Temperature:

Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
High 72° 82° 90° 97° 90° 88° 77°
Low 46° 53° 62° 71° 69° 60° 46°

Lake Powell Average Water Temperature:
Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
54° 64° 70° 76° 80° 76° 69°

Lake Powell Weather Conditions

Large and Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Stripers, Catfish, Western Pike and Bluegill.

Lake Powell Boat Rentals
Toyitup Suggestion: Avoid renting a boat or jet ski from a rental facility minutes from the Lake Powell marinas if possible. From our own experience we have found that the equipment is generally outdated, terribly worn and expensive. At Rental Toys, we can drop off and pick up your rental boat or jet skis for a reasonable fee. Please call us at (866) 400-1973 to discuss possible terms.